The Power of Mediation

A Mediator does not take sides, and is not influenced by either party to decide who is right or wrong. The Mediator listens without bias; allowing the importance of issues and goals to come to the forefront. By working with a Mediator, you can arrive at mutually workable solution; your solution.

Where is Mediation Effective?

In Cases of Separation and Divorce or End of a Partnership

couple_break_upMediation is something every couple may want to explore as they consider their separation and divorce options.  Even if you are not married, you likely have issues of property and money that are better handled through Mediation. You will be able to move forward in less time, and with less pain.

In Cases of Separation and Divorce with Children can be a much better settlement option for divorce when you have children. At a time when being together is no longer an option, parents still have to work together as they develop co-parenting plans. Preserving relationships at this time of adjustment is critical for your children – children who are already dealing with very difficult circumstances.

In Cases of Separation and Divorce with Pets

dogYour pets are important to you.  Mediation can allow you to determine the best course of action for your pet’s continued well-being.  Custody, Veterinary care, and kenneling for travel are all issues we can address through Mediation.

In Cases of Work, Community, Organization, and Business Conflict

Meeting HuddleWe will work together to clarify and understand each party’s hidden perception of the conflict.  In a civil environment, grievances can be aired and resolved to both parties’ satisfaction.  Animosity is neutralized as the goals of each party are revealed through discussions that focus on resolution.  Future relationships are preserved because problems are addressed with civility.

In Cases of Elderly Care and Estates care including health care and living arrangements, as well as dissemination of assets, can cause problems for the sandwich generation.  Mediation can help you navigate these issues with greater ease.