What is Mediation?

Mediation is a safe, voluntary settlement process used frequently and successfully by married couples who want to divorce and domestic partners who want to separate. Divorce mediation gives couples the option to plan their futures rationally, in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect.

Mediation promotes an environment where you can reach an agreement that is custom-made for your family, your finances and your future.

Mediation speeds resolution – saving you time and money.

  • We will come to a solution in much less time than through litigation.
  • We meet together on YOUR schedule.
  • We will explore and understand issues from both sides and perspectives.

Susan guides the discussion but you are the ones making practical “win-win” decisions.

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Why Mediation?

Many find Mediation to be less adversarial and less damaging – both emotionally and financially – so you move forward faster than through litigation.
Mediation allows you to avoid spending thousands of dollars engaged in a long hurtful legal battle with your partner or spouse.

There are no winners in a long drawn out litigated divorce, except the lawyers.

Mediation teaches couples to communicate more effectively – key to parenting children together, post-divorce. You can maintain control over all aspects of the divorce process. You will reach agreement on all legal, financial and emotional issues.

Susan is always mindful of the welfare of your children. She will work closely with you to help you find workable solutions for your family.

Mediated agreements are generally followed by both parties since they worked together to develop their own solutions.

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How to Mediate

Susan is the catalyst for reducing pain and stress in the difficult process of separation and divorce. She will meet with you to help navigate all the issues you face in this difficult time.

Susan’s knowledge and professional Mediation experience will guide your discussions in a positive way allowing you to focus on decisions and creative solutions for child support, custody, spousal maintenance, property, retirement and more.

. . . And with less pain, less time, and less money.

Your decisions are documented. Your agreements are recorded. You will receive referrals to other resources if deemed necessary. Susan is here for you.

Contact Susan to begin Mediation. It will be a faster more cost effective way to resolve your issues and disputes.

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