Susan K. Burton

Professional Private Mediator

Susan was a Coach and Trainer in Financial Services, Health Care, Nonprofit, and Telecommunications. Susan is a trained listener – having coached top professionals throughout the US and Canada.

  • Child and Family Services, Center for Resolution and Justice, Family and Divorce Panel.
  • Apprenticed with the Mediation Center in Rochester, NY.
  • Completed 40 Hour Family & Divorce Mediation, Domestic Violence, Transforming Conflict Interactions, and Trauma Trainings.
  • Member, New York State Council on Divorce and Mediation.
  • Member, New York State Dispute Resolution Association.
  • Certified Vistage Chair.

Personal Experience

Susan has experience with the litigation side of divorce. She understands the challenges families face within the court system. She can relate to the difficulties for you as a couple, and for those of your children and extended families.

Susan is committed to helping resolve family and divorce issues. Conflicts can be addressed through healthy, productive communication. These constructive dialogs create immediate, positive outcomes from difficult situations.

Mediation offers an option to couples focusing on “what is right for their children.”

It provides a way to move forward beyond the security of a marriage. Susan understands the varied structure of modern families. All issues that face Dad, Mom, and extended family can be resolved so each can move on with their individual lives. And, if new problems arise, Mediation also allows couples to return to the process to change or improve upon a plan previously developed.

Executor Experience

Susan has broad Estate Executor experience; facilitating the sale of businesses, real estate, large and small scale equipment, and a variety of vehicles.

Deep Understanding of Business Issues

Susan is a professional mediator with a background of over 30 years of successful work experience in varied environments. Susan has a deep understanding of business issues, having worked 19 years for Fortune 500 companies.

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Susan K. Burton, Professional Private Mediator

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