What is Mediation?

Mediation is a safe, voluntary settlement process used frequently and successfully by married couples who want to divorce and domestic partners who want to separate. Divorce mediation gives couples the option to plan their futures rationally, in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect.

Mediation promotes an environment where you can reach an agreement that is custom-made for your family, your finances and your future.

Mediation speeds resolution – saving you time and money.

  • We will come to a solution in much less time than through litigation.
  • We meet together on YOUR schedule.
  • We will explore and understand issues from both sides and perspectives.

Susan guides the discussion but you are the ones making practical “win-win” decisions.

Mediation reduces conflict and brings understanding.

You cannot avoid the conflict, but you can avoid the fear through Mediation. Your issues can be approached directly and in a positive, calm environment. This includes all family issues: separation, divorce, parenting, child support, maintenance, property, pets, and elder care. Mediation also works for organizations, community, workplace, and school conflicts.

Your Mediator creates an environment of mutual respect; key to helping both parties work together for optimal solutions.

Mediation allows us to document your solutions in less time, with ease, and for less money than through traditional litigation alone.

Through Mediation, you and the other party are able to resolve your dispute through exploring and understanding issues from both perspectives. While your Mediator guides your discussion, participants are the ones who actually make practical decisions to resolve differences. Those decisions can be as creative as you want.

One of the fundamental outcomes of mediation is to address conflict through healthy, productive communication. We will work to clarify and understand each party’s hidden perception of the conflict. Working together with respect for each other’s needs preserves dignity.

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